Filmmaker . Director .Producer

Film Art works with a network of freelancers around the world on film and audio technology and can therefore work with the latest technology, to the customers wishes. 


Peter Nordqvist studied film science at Lund University. In 1988 he started his own company Film Art. He has a long experience of leading film productions and working with film teams all over the world. Over the past years we have produced several interesting films for UNESCO, that deal with the freedom of expression in the media, in several African countries.                 


We have also produced several research films for Lund University-Engineering in various areas such as Biomedical Engineering, Atomic Physics, Combustion Engines, Computer Vision, Wireless Communication, Intermetallic Chemistry, Nano Science and this year Robotics. 

Certificates valid from 6 November 2017
to 6 November 2020 

Högsåkerringen 67, SE-216 22 Limhamn, Sweden
e-mail: peter.nordqvist@filmart.se
phone: +46 (0)735 - 13 65 45